Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Essentials

I have been so obsessed with Makeup Geek eyeshadows lately. I have no idea how this lady does it, but her formulas and pigments are to die for! I am going to show you nine of my current favorites that you can purchase on for only $6-10 an eyeshadow!! They are a perfect dupe for mac shadows if you want to save a couple bucks.

1. Cosmopolitan

This first shadow is on the brighter side! It has burnt orange-ish and gold undertones and is perfect for an all over the lid shade. It is very unique and I guarantee if you wear if, you will get loads of compliments!


2. Shimma Shimma

This second shade is more on the golden side! It is again, perfect for an all over the lid color or even in the inner corners! I notice this shade really makes any eye color pop.

3. Creme Brûlée

Damn. I love this color. It makes for the PERFECT transition color. It is so creamy like butter and just glides right into your crease. This shade is really suitable for all skin tones and I highly recommend!

4. Cocoa Bear

This shade is a little deeper than creme brûlée but it also still has all the warm undertones that blend into a masterpiece. The shades are similar but this is a little more of a burnt amber color that is perfect for fall looks!

5. Mocha

Mocha is right! This shade is basically Starbucks on your eyelids…..hahaha I kid I kid. But in all honestly this shade is like the two previous to this but a little more darker and deeper. It goes perfectly with a smokey eye, but could also blend out to an everyday eye look!

6. Corrupt

This shade in unbelievable! Every girl, and/or boy is searching for a matte black eyeshadow that will blend effortlessly and won’t let them down….Well boys and girls…This is it! This black is so matte and dark that it can be used in multiple different ways. It blends nicely under the lash line to create a darker vampy look, or it could simply be used to create an easy but stunning smokey eye! 10/10 recommend!

7. Drama Queen

Talk about a deep shimmery purple! This color is a perfect example of something a drama queen would wear on a night out. It is elegant and classy, but also mysterious. This shade has tons of layers to it that never fail to impress me when I use them!!

8. Unexpected

This shade is a light but build-able color! It is really simple and perfect for a matte crease color!

9. Prom Night

This shade is literally perfect for your prom or homecoming dance! It is such a unique silver and purple color that matches almost anything. It lays beautifully on the eyelids and makes an outfit really shine!

Craving Success

Success is a powerful, time investing, and rewarding matter that life has to offer. It is often talked about, raved about. Success gives every person on this monstrous planet a meaning. Not only does it allow people to have purpose, it is something to strive for. There are children that grew up in homes that at no time made them want to become something impressive, they had the mindset that they did not stand a chance. When the children and teenagers in these doubtful places hear about all the wonderful opportunities others have taken to become someone of power, it makes these kids feel needed. That they are more. These adolescents are exposed to some kind of success, and it has an uplifting effect like no other. That is just one single example on how vast the want for success is and how it can have an impact on anybody. There are kids that grow up in an environment where success is the only option they have. That pushes them to become someone of authority, someone who can count on themselves in creating such an excelling career. These children study and practically get no sleep because success is all they have known from the start of their lives. They felt obligated to prosper from the beginning. It goes to show that success has no guidelines, and is craved by every person no matter what situation they’re in.